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Miscellaneous Projects

doodle-like illustration to represent "RABi" by Bon Iver

I often struggle to answer, "What to do with the work that doesn't fit into a larger case study?"

So, in an effort to keep my portfolio a little more condensed, I've filed away several miscellaneous projects on this page that didn't warrant a case study for one reason or another.

Some of the projects are older, some were one-offs, and others were personal projects. Despite their lack of scope, I wanted to keep them on my site!

Beacon Dental Health website


Brand Identity, Web Design, UI/UX Design

Screenshot of one of the 14 practice websites that merged into Beacon Dental Health. Screenshot of one of the 14 practice websites that merged into Beacon Dental Health.

Each of the 14 practices had their own site, which varied greatly in visual style, content strategy, and functionality.

Initial direction for Beacon Dental Health's homepage has large text, modern imagery, and wavy lines to evoke the ocean.
Large header text, wavy lines, and a tan/navy color scheme gave the client the modern nautical feel they were looking for in a new site.
An unused concept for Beacon Dental Health's homepage has diagonal lines, smaller imagery, and a lot of green.
The other direction presented relied on diagonal lines to evoke ideas of "beacons of light" and more common medical greens.
style tile for Beacon Dental Health website

Throughout the design process, I made several style tiles to help guide my explorations. This tile shows some of the final site styles.

Screenshot of practice transitions page with photo slider.
One of the repeating UI elements in this design was this slider, which was a great way to showcase some of the faces of the employees without committing to large imagery.
Screenshot of a patient testimonial section.
Different testimonial styles help tell different stories. Quick blurbs on high-traffic pages offer social proof, but on the services pages we could get a little more detailed with a CTA.
Screenshot of meet the staff section on an individual location page.
Showcasing staff members on each location page was important to the client because it helped reinforce the community values that the brand was built on.
Screenshot of find a location page with a custom colored Google map.
Another piece of this design was creating a custom color scheme for our Google Map, complete with Beacon map markers.
screenshot of Beacon Dental Health homepage

The real challenge was to create a simple design system that reflected the community values of the users in a way that felt more personal than other competitors.

tweetwith Landing Pages


Web Design, UI/UX Design, Branding

Good Days

I made this design one day during that weird period between Christmas and New Year's using Photoshop and Illustrator. A few months later, I opened After Effects for the first time in years to make a simple animation.


Digital Collaging, Animation

collage for Good Days by SZA
Original collage made using Photoshop and Illustrator.
A simple animation using After Effects.

30 Days of Songs

One day I saw one of those 30 Days of Songs posts floating amongst my friends on Instagram. The premise was simple: share the graphic and the song that fit the prompt once a day for thirty days. Since music is a huge inspiration to me while designing, I wanted to take this one step forward and share a graphic I made every time I posted a song! To further challenge myself, I tried to utilize different design skills and make each post (from picking a song and concepting to creating and posting) in under two hours or less... Some designs were more successful than others, but here I've included a few of my favorites!


Illustration, Digital Collaging, Digital Lettering, + More

illustration of skeleton hand above a candle
Day 4: A Song that Reminds You of Someone
"It's Not a Fashion Statement..." - My Chemical Romance

digital lettering of the text "Grigio Girls" in a cursive font with a gradient coloring
Day 8: A Song About Drugs or Alcohol
"Grigio Girls" - Lady Gaga
Digital Lettering

doodle-like illustration to represent "RABi" by Bon Iver
Day 10: A Song that Makes You Sad
"RABi" - Bon Iver

wasp image manipulated with photoshop actions and a tech-like background
Day 15: A Cover Song
"Immigrant Song" - Trent Reznor, Atticus Ross, Karen O
Photo Manipulation with Photoshop Actions

digital lettering and illustrative piece with the text "Married in a Gold Rush"
Day 17: A Song You'd Sing a Duet to on Karaoke
"Married in a Gold Rush" - Vampire Weekend
Digital Lettering, Illustration

digital collage of Florence Welch and various art sources
Day 20: A Song that has Many Meanings to You
"100 Years" - Florence + the Machine
Digital Collage

digital photo manipulation of Amy Winehouse with pink geometric shapes and text
Day 21: A Song with a Person's Name in the Title
"Valerie" - Amy Winehouse
Photo Editing, Type Manipulation

Typographic manipulation with the text "The queen of California is stepping down, down"
Day 23: A Song You Think Everyone Should Listen To
"Queen of California" - John Mayer
Type Manipulation

Digital collage of woman in a flower field with waves around her
Day 25: A Song By an Artist No Longer Living
"Surf" - Mac Miller
Digital Collage

Goodreads App Redesign

As an avid reader, the list of books I’ve read and those I want to read keeps growing. To keep track of all my book-related goals and accomplishments, I use an app called Goodreads.

I love the app because I can search for books, scan barcodes to add to my TBR list, and check for reviews. On the downside, the current version of the app has a navigational structure that makes it not very user-friendly. I also feel like the app downplays some of its more interesting features. As a personal project, I chose to redesign the app while also learning how to use Adobe Xd.

After designing the majority of the app, I began to brainstorm ways to highlight my favorite feature of the app: the reading challenge. Each year, users are asked to set a goal of how many books they’ll read that year; when the goal is completed, a simple confetti animation pops up on the screen to celebrate.

I chose to make multiple reading challenges available at any given time in order to flesh out this feature and help gamify the app. For instance, there would always be the on-going yearly challenge, but there would also be monthly ones, author-related ones, and ones submitted by prominent bookstores and public figures.

To further play up on the challenge aspect, I decided that each challenge would have a badge associated with it; once a challenge was completed, the user would have the badge displayed on his or her profile. I created several badges using Illustrator to showcase this concept.


UI/UX Design, Mobile App Design, Illustration

sketches for Goodreads appsketches for Goodreads appsketches for Goodreads app

A few pages of notes from my sketchbook, starting with a brief map of the current app and ending with a few screen sketches.

mockup of various screen for this goodreads redesign
mockup of home screenmockup of user profilemockup of currently reading pagemockup of book page

Throughout the process, I referenced popular apps to identify common trends I could apply to my own project.

mockup of reading challenge page on blue-ish backgroundmockup of book rating page on pinkish background

A new feature I experimented with was the introduction of reading challenges, as well as a redesigned "rate this book" flow.

camera badgePortlandia badge with "put a bird on it" phrase and a lamp2019 reading challenge badge with girl on a kayakThomas Pynchon badge with post-muted W.A.S.T.E. symbolpenguin books badge

Reading challenge badge ideas included genre themed (film), pop-culture themed (Portlandia), yearly challenges, author themed (Pynchon), and publisher themed (Penguin).

Brand New Collector's Edition

I decided to make a fictional collector’s edition compilation cd for my favorite band, Brand New. I have always felt that Brand New had this collage-style sound to their music and I wanted this project to evoke that kind of atmosphere.

To get started, I began by writing out lyrics from each of the four albums that I felt were impactful and could tell some sort of visual story (Science Fiction, their fifth album, hadn’t been released at that time). I wrote down ideas for imagery and text treatments. I made Pinterest boards about Photoshop collages. I started gathering stock source materials.

But nothing seemed to fit together the way I imagined in my head, so I put the idea on hold and continued on with my days. In the meantime, I found myself walking around Wilkes-Barre with my iPhone and talking pictures of everything: buildings, dead leaves, brick work, anything.

With lyrics that hinged so heavily on a sense of nostalgia and internal conflict, I felt a pull towards making this project about the lyrics and imagery being created from “found” objects rather than perfect stock imagery and the bright collage-style I loved.

I went back to my iPhone camera roll for texture photos of concrete I had taken while walking around Wilkes-Barre. I ripped pages out of water-logged books to string together song lyrics. I wrote heavily with a Sharpie and photographed both sides of the paper. I had a photoshoot with a friend and manipulated her body into a few different images. I found graffiti in NEPA with an album title on it.

From there, the project started to form in my mind, in my hands, and later, it was compiled on the computer.


Print Design, Photography

closeup of tree texturecloseup of concrete texture

Texture photos provided inspiration for much of the project.

mockup of Brand New Collector's edition albums

The covers were made from photos of concrete foundation, peeling drywall, and hand-written text.

mockup of inside of Brand New collector's edition album
image showing pages 2-9 of album insert

Pages 2-9 of the booklet.

image showing pages 11-15 and the covers of album insert

Pages 10-15, followed by the covers.

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